My Father, LeeRoy Zigmund Hildebrand, was a Civil Engineer. After serving in World War II he went to Washington University and received his Civil Engineering degree. During his career he worked for engineering firms, The Army Corps of Engineers, City of Bridgeton, and SIU Edwardsville. He designed and built a number infrastructure projects throughout his career. He would tell me about and show me several of the projects that would become his life’s work. That’s where I developed my interest in engineering and construction.

In my younger years I was afraid of bridges. But now I find them fascinating. When the WashMo Bridge project began I decided to combine my interests in infrastructure construction, photography, videography, and web design into what has turned into WashMoBridge.com.

I hope you enjoy my visual documentation of a major bridge across one of the largest and most historic rivers in the United States.

Brad Hildebrand